Let Our Residential Cleaning Service Provide a Squeaky Clean Home

Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning

When a house is clean, you can expect an improvement in the air quality and the appearance of the overall premises. Of course, to achieve that, regular sanitation shouldn’t be skipped. If you need help keeping the place spic and span, hire Roxana's House Cleaning Service as your professional cleaner today. Our remarkable residential cleaning assistance in San Rafael, CA is efficient and trusted by many clients.

What can you expect from our service?

Detailed Cleaning for Your Home

The techniques and methods we execute for this task are safe and suitable for your living space. We never consider harmful procedures and chemicals that affect your belongings and health. First, our excellent team will remove all the trash and garbage on the premises, empty the bins in the bathroom, kitchen, and bedrooms. The windows, ceilings, shelves, walls, and furniture will be wiped clean before making the floors shiny. We will not overlook disinfecting the most critical places like handles, staircases, sleeping areas, living rooms, and bathroom fixtures.

Professional Assistance

As residential cleaning specialists, we are particular about the supplies and equipment we utilize for our service. Second-rate items will affect the flow and result we desire to produce. We have access to quality all-purpose solutions, sanitizers, stain removers, air fresheners, disinfectants, mops, brooms, extendable dusters, microfiber cloths, rags, vacuums, buckets, sponges, brushes, spray containers, rubber gloves, boots, and masks. Let us make your abode pristine today. Call (628) 269-7418 for inquiries.

The residential cleaning expert you are looking for is Roxana's House Cleaning Service. Turn to our cleaners in San Rafael, CA to give your home the cleaning it needs.